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Automatic Control Equipment
2018/01/10 | Automatic Control Equipment

Automation control equipment

It refers to equipment that is not produced by a single automated equipment or semi-automated production line.

Common faults in automation control equipment

The most common faults of automatic control equipment are: systemic equipment failure and random equipment failure.

1. Systematic equipment failure generally refers to the controlled equipment, such as CNC machine tools, if certain indicators in the work meet certain conditions, or exceed a certain set limit or limit, it is inevitable A specific device failure will occur. Such faults are common fault phenomena. To prevent or avoid such system equipment failures, proper use according to the operating specifications is a guarantee, and careful maintenance should be done.

2. Random equipment failure generally means that the controlled equipment, such as CNC machine tools, sometimes does not malfunction when working under the same working environment conditions, and sometimes one or two accidents occur by chance.

Maintenance measures for automated control equipment

The maintenance of automatic control equipment must be based on the characteristics of the control equipment, using the corresponding reliability design method, starting from the correct selection and use of components, heat protection, climate protection, etc., so that the system reliability indicators are greatly improved.

1. In the design stage of control equipment, study the technical conditions of products and parts, analyze product design parameters, discuss and ensure product performance and use conditions, and correctly formulate design plans;

secondly, set product structure forms and product types according to production. Because the size of the production determines the scale of the production batch, the production batch is different, and the type of production method is different, so the production economy is different. At the same time, the value engineering concept is used to ensure the product performance and the most economical production. Method design parts;

under the conditions of meeting the technical requirements of the product, select the most economical and reasonable raw materials and components, in order to reduce the production cost of the product;

comprehensively conceived, carefully design the structure of the product, so that the product has good operation and maintenance performance and Use performance to reduce equipment maintenance and usage costs.

2. Selection criteria for electronic components. According to the requirements of circuit performance and the conditions of the working environment, the appropriate components shall be selected. The technical conditions, technical performance and quality grade of the components shall meet the requirements of the equipment work and environment, and leave sufficient margin;

Prove that the quality is stable, the reliability is high, and there are promising standard components. The components that are eliminated and disabled are not selected; the specifications of components should be compressed to the maximum extent, the manufacturers are reduced, and their reuse rate is increased;

In addition, all electronic components should be screened according to different requirements after necessary reliability, in order to use the components of the manufacturer with good technical services, timely delivery and reasonable price.